Our process

We manufacture and source Bulgarian lavender oil to meet the needs of our foreign clients. Our competitive edges are attractive price-quality ratio, fast delivery, strive for development. We know are product well and continue learning as we grow!

1. Picking the right sorts
We start by picking the best sorts out of what is being offered on the local market in Bulgaria. For us, it is important to maintain a stable quality to quantity ratio when it comes to lavender seeding.

2. Planting
We aim at having perfect climate conditions when planting the lavender flowers. We therefore have dedicated premises for initial storage.

3. Cultivating and Fertilizing
Taking care of the soil is an important part of our process as well. We use high-quality, pesticide-free fertilizers.

4. Harvesting and Distillation
Technology is put into use to make it possible for every single flower to make it to the distillation units, where the steam will unleash its distinctive odour

5. Storage
Distilled product is immediately poured in the ADR-certified stainless steel drums to prevent further contamination.